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FUE Hair Transplantation with PRP-Plasma therapy Natural Lifelong Results


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PRP plazma therapy

Innovative complementary treatment to FUE hair transplantation

Complementary treatment to FUE hair transplantation

PRP therapy is a revolutionary new procedure, when the platelet rich plasma obtained from the patient's own blood is reintroduced into the scalp. Platelets (thrombocytes) contain all human growth factors necessary for wound healing.Growth factors released by platelets trigger cell proliferation and stimulate regeneration of the skin at the treated area.

In recent years, PRP THERAPY has become the most popular anti-aging treatment worldwide!

PRP THERAPY is a complex effect procedure that is natural and can be used at any age! The procedure – thanks to the own blood components – can be efficiently utilized alone or can become a perfect complement to other aesthetic procedures.


 PRP plazma kezelés



During the procedure platelets degrade at the site of administration and growth factors trigger those natural processes that results in the renewal of the skin and the subcutaneous tissues that initiates hair growth at the previously bald areas. Existing hairs thicken, implanted follicles start to grow faster.


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PRP plazma

  1. 20-25 ml blood is drawn from the patient's veins of the crook of the arm with laboratory instruments.
  2. From this blood, platelet-rich plasma is prepared with the help of a special centrifuge.
  3. If treatment is utilized during the hair transplantation process, the patient does not feel anything because the area has already been anesthetized.
  4. If plasma therapy is utilized as a stand-alone procedure the intervention is still performed under local anesthesia!

Would you have any questions or would you be interested in PRP therapy, please contact us! Our colleagues are glad to help you!





Medical consultation prior to surgery is mandatory! Hair restoration surgeries at our Clinic are available only after the professional medical opinion of our Clinic. Both personal and e-mail consultation is possible.



Our Clinic performs 1 and 2 day surgeries only. Operation is performed under local anesthesia that promotes rapid post-operative regeneration.


Postoperative care

For the postoperative period, our patients receive detailed and accurate verbal and written instructions at our Clinic.



Hair growth following hair restoration surgery, begins intensively in the 4th-5th-6th month. Final results are visible after 12 months.

What is FUE hair transplantation?

Hair restoration as an aesthetic surgery has two known types.

1. FUT method (the so called "strip method" during which scalpel is used).

2. FUE method (in this method hairs (follicular units) are transplanted individually. Follicles are extracted with a special needle (so called "punching device") and other special instruments. There is no incision, thus no scar tissue formation, the results look natural. There are two subtypes of the FUE hair transplantation method: manual and motorized.


according to official professional standpoints, THERE ARE NO FURTHER TYPES!

At our clinic we only use the F.U.E. method. We extract the grafts manually, one by one from the donor area (the back of your head) with a fine (0.75-1.00 mm) punch device. No cutting, no stitches (no F.U.T, no strip). F.U.E. only!


At our Clinic both personal and e-mail consultation is available, accepted and provided free of charge! Personal consultation is only available on previously scheduled appointments at our Clinic in Szeged.Scheduling an appointment for consultation is possible by phone, via e-mail or by filling out the form on our websites. Booking an appointment in advance is mandatory, without it our Clinic refuses to do the consultation. During planning, lack of experience and practice might lead to severe underestimation of the amount of hairs necessary to achieve the desired aesthetic results! In such cases patients might need further minor surgeries in the future in order to achieve the desired aesthetic results. In experienced hands hair transplantation can often be done in a day!

FUE hair transplantation is not a "beauty treatment" but a cosmetic SURGERY that requires significant professional background and professional work!